2017 Baumgartner Law Firm Law Student Scholarship

DEADLINE: August 31, 2017.

The Baumgartner Law Firm is offering an annual law student scholarship to needy individuals who are enrolled at an accredited law school in the U.S.
To apply, applicant must be enrolled at an accredited law school. If you have applied to law school and have not yet been accepted, you may apply, but the scholarship will only be awarded to someone accepted and enrolled in law school at the time of scholarship selection. This scholarship will be awarded based on need and commitment to helping others.
A one-time award of $3,000 will be awarded to one winner to be used for tuition, books and law school expenses.The winner will be announced by November 30, 2017.
For more information about this scholarship and to fill out the online form to apply for the scholarship by the deadline of August 31, 2017, click here. There is no other application necessary. Do not include additional material such as tax returns, bank balances or other information not asked for in the application. And please do not call about this scholarship. 
If you you need to contact the Baumgartner Law Firm, send an e-mail to giving@baumgartnerlawyers.com
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