Full time evening petition

JD students in the evening program may petition to register for more than 11 hours in a given semester, after the completion of the second semester of law school. After being approved for full-time status, students do not need to petition again.

**Please note: Students that were admitted into the evening program and are being approved for full-time status will still be classified and ranked as evening students even though they are allowed to register for more than 11 hours.  Students must meet with their Career Services Counselor and obtain his/her signature on this form prior to submitting it to the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs.

After completing this form and having it approved by your Career Services Counselor and the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, return it to the Registrar's Office for processing.  The Registrar's Office will update your account in my.SMU so you will have the ability to register for more hours. 


Year in School: 

Other Activities:
Law School:

Work – If you are taking more than 11 hours in a semester, the law school strongly encourages you not to work more than 20 hours a week.

Please set forth your reason for desiring to be approved for full-time status and your plan to complete the 87 hour requirement and 6 residency credits requirement in order to graduate on the Anticipated Graduation Date set forth above.  (Please be specific and write in complete sentences): {Students earn 1 residency credit for each semester they pass at least 12 hours; 3/4ths residency credit for each semester they pass 9-11 hours; 1/2 residency credit for any semester, including summer school, when they pass 6-8 hours; and 1/4th residency credit any semester they pass 3-5 hours.  Students earn 1/2 residency credit if they attend the SMU in Oxford program.}



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