• Full-Time Faculty
  • Peter Winship

  • James Cleo Thompson, Sr., Trustee Professor of Law

  • fulltime Faculty
  • Peter Winship

  • James Cleo Thompson, Sr., Trustee Professor of Law

Peter Winship

James Cleo Thompson, Sr., Trustee Professor of Law

  • Biography

    • Professor Winship teaches primarily in the areas of domestic and international commercial law, although he has also taught corporate law and seminars on American legal history, comparative commercial law, admiralty law, and law and ethics.
  • Education

    • A.B., Harvard University
      LL.B., Harvard University
      LL.M., University of London (London School of Economics)
      Candidate for the J.S.D, Yale University
  • Courses

    • Business Enterprise
      Payment Systems
      Sale of Goods Transactions
  • Books

    • INTERNATIONAL SALES LAW:  A PROBLEM-ORIENTED COURSEBOOK (St. Paul, MN: West Group, 2000) (with John A. Spanogle) [including Teachers Manual and Documents Supplement]; (St. Paul, MN: Thomson/West, 2nd ed. 2012) (with John A. Spanogle)

      CASES AND MATERIALS ON ADMIRALTY (Thomson/West, 5th ed. 2011) (with the late Nicholas J. Healy, David J. Sharpe & David B. Sharpe) [6th edition at publishers for 2016 publication]

      SECURED TRANSACTIONS UNDER THE UNIFORM Secured Transactions Under the Uniform Commercial Code and International Commerce (Cincinnati, OH: Anderson Publishing Co., 1st ed. 2002) (with Louis Del Duca, Egon Guttman, William Henning and Frederick Miller); (Lexis/Nexis, 2nd ed. 2011) (with Louis F. Del Duca, Marie T. Reilly and Edwin E. Smith)—includes Teacher’s Manual
      NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENTS/PAYMENTS SYSTEM (Santa Monica: Casenotes, 1995)(with Donald B. King)

      COMMERCIAL TRANSACTIONS: TEXT, CASES AND PROBLEMS (Boston: Little, Brown & Co., 1985) (with Jonathan A. Eddy)
      TEXAS LITIGATION GUIDE:  BUSINESS ENTITITES, vols. 7‑8 (New York:  Matthew Bender & Co., 1978) (with William V. Dorsaneo); Commercial Litigation, vols. 9‑10 (with William V. Dorsaneo & Roy R. Anderson)
      BACKGROUND DOCUMENTS OF THE ETHIOPIAN COMMERCIAL CODE (edited and translated) (Addis Ababa: Faculty of Law, H.S.I.U., 1974)
  • Book Chapters

    • An Historical Overview of UCC Article 9 to be published by Hart Publishing as Chapter 3 in SECURED TRANSACTIONS LAW REFORM (N.O. Akseli & L. Gullifer eds, 2016) [at printers]

      Contribution to Franco Ferrari, Harry Flechtner & Ronald A. Brand eds. THE DRAFT UNCITRAL DIGEST AND BEYOND (München: European Law Publishers, 2003)

      Contract Planning and Litigation Strategies Under the U.N. Sales Convention and the Unidroit Principles in GUIDE TO INTERNATIONAL SALE OF GOOD CONVENTION,

      An International Sales Law for the world:  The United Nations Sales Convention, in 2004 in KOREAN FORUM ON INTERNATIONAL TRADE AND BUSINESS LAW (2003)

      Secured Transactions, in 3 Boris Kozolchyk & John F. Molloy eds., UNITED STATES LAW OF TRADE AND INVESTMENT (2001)

      Selected Security Interests in the United States, in Joseph J. Norton & Mads Andenas eds., EMERGING FINANCIAL MARKETS AND SECURED TRANSACTIONS 267 (1998)

      The U.N. Sales Convention and the Emerging Caselaw, in EMTIO-VENDITIO INTER NATIONES: IN ANERKENNUNG FUR RECHT UND GESELLSCHAF AG (1997)

  • Other Publications

    • International Commercial Transactions: 1998, 54 Business Lawyer 2001 (1999)

      Karl Llewellyn in Rome, 3 Uniform Law Review/Review Dr. Unif. 725 (1998)

      International Commercial Transactions: 1997, 53 Business Lawyer 1521 (1998)

      International Commercial Transactions: 1996, 52 Business Lawyer 1643 (1997)

      Member, Board of Editors, American Journal of Comparative Law, 1991-present
      Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Tulane Law Review, 1993-present
      Editor-in-Chief, The International Lawyer, 1996-1999; (Member, Board of Editorial Advisors, 1984‑1996; Chair of Board of Editorial Advisers, 1990-1996)
      Editor‑in‑Chief, Journal of Ethiopian Law, 1971‑1972

  • Presentations

    • The Hague Principles, the CISG, and the ‘Battle of Forms’
      17th biennial meeting of the International Academy of Commercial and Consumer Law
      Bilgi University, Istanbul (July 2014)
      Current Issues in Secured Transactions Law in the United States
      Conference on “Secured Transaction Reform in Other Jurisdictions” sponsored by the [U.K.] Secured Transactions Law Reform Project and the Durham University Law School
      London and Durham (June 2014)
      Is there a Contract Code in UNCITRAL’S future?
      16th Biennial Conference of the International Academy of Commercial and Consumer Law
      Universidad Naçional Autonoma de Mexico
      Mexico City  (July 2013)

      The Dynamics of an evolving lex maritima
      Colloquium on “Global Challenges—Global Law: The Future of International Law”
      Law School at the University of Swansea (6 June 2013)
      A History of the [US] Uniform Commercial Code
      Comparative Law Discussion Group
      Oxford University Faculty of Law (7 February 2013)
      Why not a Global International Commercial Code?
      Symposium: Has the Time Come for a New Global Initiative to Harmonize and Unify International Trade
      Villanova University School of Law (January 2013)

      Remedies under the U.N. Sales Convention
      Conference on the New Turkish Civil Code and the U.N. Sales Convention
      Kemerburgaz University, Istanbul (7 April 2012)
      International Private Law and Non-Governmental Actors
      Panel: “Cross-Border Movements and the Challenges for Private International Law”
      Commemorative Conference on Inspiration and Innovation in International Law and Politics: 100 Years Nobel Peace Prize Tobias Asser
      Peace Palace in The Hague (December 2011)
      Federalism and Private International Law: Recent Developments and
      Secured Transactions: UNCITRAL’s Receivables Convention
      Meeting of the [U.S.] Secretary of State’s Advisory Committee on Private International Law
      Washington, D.C. (October 2010)