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Associate Dean for Library and Technology, Director of the Underwood Law Library and Associate Professor of Law

Email: gdaly@mail.smu.edu

Phone: 214-768-1873


B.A., 1968 University of Michigan; M.A., 1969, University of Michigan
J.D., 1989, University of Minnesota.

A managing editor of the Minnesota Law Review, Professor Daly was a law librarian at the University of Minnesota and a visiting associate for law with the Research Libraries Group at Stanford University. She teaches advanced legal research and copyright.

Primary Articles

“Antiquarian Books in the Age of Technology” – 21 Trends in Law Library Management & Technology (2011)
“Earl C. Borgeson’s Rules for Law Library Management” – 103 Law Library Journal 515 (summer 2011)
“Desegregating Dallas Schools:  The Litigation Archives” – 62 SMU Law Review 1697 (Special Issue 2009)
“There’s No Law Library on the Starship ‘Enterprise’” – 58 Journal of Legal Education 455 (September 2008)

"Wireless For Speed: A Wireless Network May Be the Perfect Choice for Solos and Small Firms" – 16:3 Texas Lawyer 18 (2000)

"Memorial: Hibernia Prather Turbeville" – 52 SMU Law Review 3 (1999)

“Law Library Evaluation Standards: How Will We Evaluate the Virtual Library?” – 45 Journal of Legal Education 61 (March 1995)


“The Institute of Museum and Library Services” – Town and Gown Meeting, Southern Methodist University, Speaker (January 2007)
“Wireless Networks:  Is It Time to Untether Users?” – American Association of Law Libraries Annual Meeting, Speaker (July 2001)


U.S. Presidential Appointment, National Museum and Library Services Board, 2004 - 2010