2017 - 2018 Student News: Child Advocacy Clinic


The hearing is NOT happening – until it does. After the District Attorney assured Child Advocacy Student Attorneys Ayu Fitzgerald and Victoria Petty that the 14 day hearing would be continued to a new date, the Judge begged to differ. But Ayu and Victoria had already learned the facts of their case and were ready. Ayu examined two witnesses and Victoria was about to examine another when the Judge decided they were right – and gave our client the relief Ayu and Victoria thought was in his best interests. Congratulations Ayu and Victoria!

What’s in a name? Ask Child Advocacy Clinic Chief Counsel, Tasheena Byrd, who represented one of our clients in a recent hearing to get his name changed to reflect what his true name should be. With the name change order, his grandmother caregiver could get his social security card changed, get him recognized by the Choctaw Nation for his ¼ Choctaw blood, get him the benefits that come with that heritage, and achieve the same results for his sibling. Names matter. Great job Tasheena!

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