Test Drive - Employer Registration Form

Please fill out and submit the employer registration form to register for Test Drive once a graduate has been identified.

The Law School will fund $3,500 for a one month Test Drive -- a "no strings attached" opportunity to allow a legal employer the ability to evaluate a Class of 2018 graduate on a trial basis.

By applying to participate in Test Drive the employer indicates an identified need to hire a new associate for full-time, long term employment.

Funding Instructions
To initiate funding for Test Drive employment, the Law School must receive this Employer Registration prior to the date Test Drive employment commences. Upon receipt of the Employer Registration and approval of the Test Drive, the Law School will disburse funds within approximately 3 weeks of the date Test Drive employment commences to the address listed above.

** The graduate is an employee of the employer, and the employer is responsible for all federal and state withholding tax and other deductions.**

Yes, we would like to participate in a one month Test Drive with the graduate identified above.
Date Test Drive employment commences: