About the Tsai Center

The Tsai Center for Law, Science and Innovation is a research-focused academic center exploring how law and policy affect scientific research and discovery as well as the development and commercialization of new technologies.  The Tsai Center also explores the converse—how scientific discoveries and new technologies affect ethics, society, private industry, and governmental institutions and agencies.  The Tsai Center presents EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMING, facilitates ACADEMIC RESEARCH, and provides educational opportunities that engage students and the academic and business communities interested in law, science and innovation.  In short, the Tsai Center exists to engage the public, scholars, students, scientists, policymakers, and innovators in consideration of the most pressing questions of science and innovation policy. 
The Tsai Center is located at the SMU Dedman School of Law.  Founded in 1925, the SMU Dedman School of Law is the top ranked private law school—and one of the two top-tier law schools—in the State of Texas.  It is among the most competitive law schools in the United States for admission, as well as one of the most successful in the placement of its graduates.  SMU Dedman School of Law is located in Dallas, THE FOURTH LARGEST METROPOLITAN AREA IN THE UNITED STATES.  Given this location, the Tsai Center has access to a wide range of groups supporting scientific discovery and technological innovation—from numerous art, science, and engineering programs at SMU and other local universities and medical schools, to various technology incubators and accelerators, to the Dallas Regional Office of the U.S. PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE.

The Tsai Center invites you to explore the intersection of law, science and innovation with us.  Read more about the Tsai Center in our 2017 Newsletter. The Center's 2018 Newsletter will be mailed in August.  Click here to join our mailing list. 


Center Faculty

The Tsai Center is led by two Co-Directors, Profs. W. KEITH ROBINSON and DAVID O. TAYLOR, whose teaching and scholarship focus on intellectual property law, including patent law. Prof. Robinson and Prof. Taylor collaborate with an Executive Board, Affiliated Faculty, and Adjunct Faculty.

W. Keith Robinson
Altshuler Distinguished Teaching Professor, Co-Director of  the Tsai Center for Law, Science and Innovation and Associate Professor of Law


Co-Director of the Tsai Center for Law, Science and Innovation and Associate Professor of Law


Co-Directors and Executive Board

  • LACKLAND H. BLOOM, JR., Professor of Law (Copyright Law)
  • JENNIFER M. COLLINS, Judge James Noel Dean and Professor of Law (ex officio)
  • NATHAN CORTEZ, Associate Dean for Research and Adelfa Botello Callejo Endowed Professor of Law in Leadership and Latino Studies (Health Law and FDA Law)
  • JEFFREY M. GABA, M.D. Anderson Foundation Endowed Professor in Health Law (Environmental Law)
  • THOMAS W. MAYO, Altshuler University Distinguished Teaching Professor and Associate Professor of Law (Health Law; Bioethics)
  • W. KEITH ROBINSON, Assistant Professor of Law (Intellectual Property; Intellectual Property and Business Organizations) (Co-Director)
  • MEGHAN J. RYAN, Associate Professor of Law (Science and the Law)
  • DAVID O. TAYLOR, Assistant Professor of Law (Patent Law; Selected Topics in Intellectual Property) (Co-Director)

Affiliated and Adjunct Faculty

  • DANIEL BAUCUM, Adjunct Professor of Law (Counseling the Small Business Owner)
  • JOHN BROWNING, Adjunct Professor of Law (Social Media Law)
  • CHRISTA BROWN-SANFORD, Adjunct Professor of Law (Patent Prosecution)
  • DAVID CARSTENS, Adjunct Professor of Law (International Intellectual Property)
  • DAVID J. CHO, Adjunct Clinical Professor of Law (Trademark Clinic)
  • WILSON CHU, Adjunct Professor of Law (Corporate Planning: Lifecycle of a Tech Startup)
  • JOHN M. CONE, Adjunct Professor of Law (Trademarks)
  • ELISABETH A. EVERT (Patent Litigation)
  • CHARLES M. HOSCH, Adjunct Professor of Law (Trade Secrets and Business Torts)
  • MARC A. HUBBARD, Adjunct Clinical Professor of Law (Patent Clinic)
  • CHRISTOPHER JENKS, Director of the Criminal Justice Clinic and Assistant Professor of Law (Impact of Emerging Technologies on Accountability in Armed Conflict)
  • RICHARD J. JOHNSON (Information Privacy and Security Law)
  • JEFFREY KAHN, Professor of Law (Administrative Law)
  • PHILLIP PHILBIN, Adjunct Professor of Law (Patent Litigation)
  • C. PAUL ROGERS, III, Professor of Law and Former Dean (Antitrust; Selected Problems in Antitrust)
  • MARK A. SHANK, Adjunct Professor of Law (Employment Law)
  • Barton E. Showalter, Adjunct Professor of Law (Intellectual Property Licensing)
  • BRUCE S. SOSTEK (Patent Litigation)
  • JOHN VERNON, Adjunct Professor of Law (Franchising and Distribution Law; International Franchising Law)
  • PETER VOGEL, Adjunct Professor of Law (Advanced Commercial Law: Law of Electronic Commerce)

Advisory Panel

Molly Cain
Executive Director
Tech Wildcatters
Erin Nealy Cox
Executive Managing Director
Stroz Friedberg
Steve Dietz
Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary
Siemens PLM Software Inc., Digital Factory Division
Frederick Grinnell
Robert McLemore Professor of Medical Science
Department of Cell Biology
Ethics in Science and Medicine Program
UT Southwestern Medical Center
Herbert J. Hammond
Thompson & Knight LLP
Susan Kress
Executive Director of Engaged Learning
SMU Office of Engaged Learning
Duncan MacFarlane
Bobby B. Lyle Centennial Distinguished Professor of Engineering Entrepreneurship
SMU Lyle School of Engineering
Molly Buck Richard
Founding Partner
Richard Law Group
Barton E. Showalter
Partner and Firmwide Chair of Intellectual Property
Baker Botts LLP
Frank Vecella
Associate General Counsel-Litigation
Ericsson Inc.
Jeremy Vickers
Executive Director
Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
University of Texas at Dallas
Jaime L. Walkowiak
Vice President of Research Operations and Business Development
Baylor Research Institute
The Honorable T. John Ward
Former U.S. District Judge
Ward, Smith & Hill, PLLC
Jerry F. White
Adjunct Professor and Director of the Caruth Institute for Entrepreneurship
SMU Cox School of Business
Jingbo Ye
Professor of Experimental Physics
SMU Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences
Hubert Zajicek
Executive Director
Health Wildcatters


Tsai Scholars

The Center employs one or more outstanding law students to work closely with the Tsai Center faculty on programming and law faculty research.  These students serve as “Tsai Center Scholars.”  

2015-2016 Tsai Center Scholars:  Alex Bridge, Kristen Zahnow
2016-2017 Tsai Center Scholars:  Michael Pomeroy, Josh Smith, Hao "Jimmy" Wu, Tiffany York 
2017-2018 Tsai Center Scholars:  Paul Abelkop, Aly Conwell, Daniel Dower, Tiffany York
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