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Students in law school are faced with numerous questions and decisions about their academic pursuits and professional and personal life. Students should advise and meet with the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs if they have any questions about their law school academic performance or if there are any personal matters that are impacting their ability to perform and succeed in the law school. The law school also provides other academic support services including an Academic Skills Assistance Program (ASAP). Students may also consult with members of the faculty regarding questions about courses and academic pursuits.

The Office of Services for Students with Disabilities coordinates with the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs in working with students with learning differences requiring appropriate accommodations.

The SMU Health Center provides Counseling and Testing services for students and is also available for students in crisis. The stress of law school is sometimes compounded by death of a loved one or personal or family illness or other crises. Students should be aware of changes in behavior in themselves or in other students that may point the need to seek assistance. Students should consult with the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs if they become aware of such circumstances so that an appropriate course of action can be discussed.