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All Externships must be approved by the Curriculum Committee before a student will be allowed to begin working. Students must be registered and pay the tuition for externships in order to receive credit. Follow the steps below in order to get registered for an externship.

  1. Check the list of approved externships to find the externship that you are interested in.
  2. If the externship is listed, contact the faculty supervisor for more information on the externship and to make sure there is a position open. (You may also have to contact the field supervisor involved with the externship to inquire about submitting a resume, etc.)
  3. If the externship is not listed, find a faculty member that would be willing to supervise you. The faculty member would then need to fill out the faculty externship approval form and have the externship approved by the curriculum committee.
  4. In order to have the hours added to your schedule print out the student externship application form (which can be found in the list of approved externships), have the faculty supervisor sign it, and bring it to the Registrar's Office for processing. *If the externship is not listed, fill out any student application form from the list and change the information as it applies to your externship. The hours will be added to your schedule and payment will be due by the applicable deadline for that semester. (Once the externship has been approved by the curriculum committee it will be added to the list of approved externships)
  5. The credit will be posted to your transcript once we have received notice from your faculty supervisor that you have completed the externship and turned in the appropriate documentation to them. The credit will not count toward your cumulative gpa, but will count toward the hours needed for graduation. Externships do not count toward the 6 hour maximum requirement for non-graded courses. Students may receive credit for only 1 Externship while in law school.