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The goal of the Externship Program is to provide students with an experiential learning opportunity by working in carefully selected legal settings under the supervision of a mentor-attorney. Externships provide students an opportunity to observe and participate by gaining a sense of the kind of lawyer they wish to become. In addition, the program is intended to foster sensitivity to the social, political and professional implications of the legal process. Students earn academic credit for externships – they register and pay tuition for the course credits as they would for any other law school class. Students cannot be compensated for their work during an externship.

Below is information regarding the requirements for an externship, a list of approved externships and student applications forms, faculty approval forms for submission to the curriculum committee, and registration information.

Externship Requirements

Please read all requirements before proceeding with approvals or registration. In particular, please note that students may earn academic credit for only one externship during law school, so choose carefully.

Approved Externships (Includes links to student application forms) *When page opens up, click on the drop down arrow to select the appropriate externship.

Students must complete an application form and have the advising professor approve it before submitting to the Registrar's Office. Please note that faculty may supervise only three students in externships per semester. Review your externship options and contact the designated supervising faculty member to determine his/her willingness and ability to supervise you in your chosen externship as early as possible prior to the semester in which you wish to participate in the externship. If an externship is listed for which the approval period has expired, contact the designated supervising attorney to determine if the approval period can be renewed. The Registrar's Office will register the student for the externship. The hours will be applied to the semester of the student's choice. Please indicate on the student application form the exact number of credit hours that should be applied, as well as, the semester to which the hours should be applied.

Faculty Externship Approval Form (In Word)

This form should be completed by the faculty advisor of the externship if it is not one that has already been approved. It should be submitted to the curriculum committee for approval. Students may not begin an externship until it has been approved by the curriculum committee.

Externship Registration (Step by Step)

Here students may find step by step instructions for registering for an externship.