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For the Summer 2015 semester, the deadline to prepare your laptop for final exams is Tuesday, July 14, at 4:00 p.m.

Please read all of the following information carefully.



Read and follow the instructions very carefully before the deadline. Students who do not adhere to these procedures may not be allowed to take exams on laptop.


SofTest works on most any computer manufactured in the last five years.

  1. Your laptop must meet minimum requirements. Click here for the Minimum System Requirements.
  2. Your computer's time and date must be correct.
  3. Users of Windows OS using Asian languages must visit www.examsoft.com/asian for additional information.
  4. Your laptop must be in good working condition (no hardware or software problems).
  5. You must have a working power adapter.
  6. You must disable your antivirus or antispyware programs prior to each exam and re-enable them afterward.
Tip: Type the word "Disable" (without quotation marks) in the search window at ExamSoft's Contact and Solution Center for instructions on disabling various anti-virus, anti-malware and firewall programs.
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To pay the $25 license fee for SofTest, go to http://www.examsoft.com/smulaw and login to your Exam Taker account with your username (SMU ID number, without hyphen) and your ExamSoft Password. You will be prompted to pay the initial license fee.

Note: The license fee is good for the current academic school year.  If you need to re-install SofTest during the academic school year, you are not required to re-pay the license fee.

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  1. Login to your Exam Taker account at www.examsoft.com/smulaw.
  2. Click the "Download SofTest" button (PC or Mac is okay).
  3. Install SofTest
    • Restart your computer if prompted
  4. Register SofTest
    • Use your SMU ID and Exam Taker Password
    • Click the "Register" button (must have internet connection)
  5. Download a Mock Exam and your Exam Answer Files (one for each exam you are taking on laptop).
    • You can select and download all Exam Answer Files at once.
    • Exam Answer Files, used to take laptop exams at our law school, do not contain your exams, but are blank screens that look similar to a blank document in a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word (you type the question numbers and answers in one screen).
      • Students must have their Exam Answer Files downloaded to their laptop by the deadline.
Note: After installing SofTest, disable any automatic updates, and do not download and install any software until after you have finished your laptop exams; otherwise SofTest may no longer work properly if your system is altered after installing SofTest.

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Students taking laptop exams must take one Mock Exam each semester and upload the Mock Exam Answer File.  Note: You will be able to "upload" the Mock Exam only one time per semester.

To take a Mock Exam, open and launch SofTest, click "Download Exam Files," and download a Mock Exam Answer File to your laptop. 

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  1. Be Aware: There are always risks involved when taking a laptop exam, though negative outcomes are rare. If you experience any computer related problems, immediately notify the Laptop Exam Assistant in the room. If the problems are not resolved quickly, it is your responsibility to obtain a paper bluebook and handwrite your exam.
  1. Do not format your hard drive or send your laptop for repair before you receive your course grades. If your laptop needs repairs, contact someone in the Law School Registrar's Office and set up a time to have a copy of your encrypted exam files retrieved before commencing repairs.
  1. Students must install SofTest and download their Exam Answer Files and Mock Exam Answer File to their own laptop without the help of another law student, as each Exam Answer File is specifically configured with his/her Exam PIN number and must not be copied from another student’s laptop. Violating this policy and attempting to copy someone else’s Exam Answer Files to their laptop after the deadline could not only result in lost exam answers but could subject the students to Honor Code violations and disciplinary action.
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