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  1. Orientation and receive packet, Student Guide to the Public Service Program
    (This may be done by large group sessions, email, office visit or phone.)
  2. Student selects (either route A or route B):
    (A) Pre-approved Placement
    (B) Student Initiated Placement (SIP)

    Continue to step 3


    Return completed Student Initiated Placement form to the Public Service Office for approval

    Carr Collins Hall, suite 320

    Similar placement

    If similar to prior SIP placements, Laura Burstein, Public Service Director, will approve placement.

    If approved - step 3

    Dissimilar placement

    If dissimilar to prior SIP placements, form is sent to the Public Service Committee.

    If approved - step 3

    If disapproved - repeat step 2

  3. Student Contacts Placement (If you decide not to pursue placement, repeat step 2.)
  4. Confirmation Agreement (Student completes form and has supervisor sign form on the first day of work. Student returnsform to the Public Service Office.)
  5. Student Log (Student keeps record of time dedicated with placement and submits to the Public Service Office.)
  6. Supervisory Report (Student completes form, has placement supervisor sign form, then student submits Supervisory Report to the Public Service Office.)
  7. Questionnaire (Student completes form regarding placement and submits to the Public Service Office.)

Public Service hours will be submitted to the law school registrar, Laura Amberson, in January following the conclusion of the 2L/2E fall semester of law school, once all forms are received by the Public Service Office. A confirmation email will be sent to each law student verifying submission of the Public Service graduation requirement.  Please allow 2 weeks for the completion to appear on your transcript.