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SMU Dedman School of Law Visits European Court of Justice

SMU Dedman School of Law was honored to organize a two-day summit between the European Court of Justice (ECJ) and the Supreme Court of the United States from February 8-9, 2010 in Luxembourg (Western Europe). This is the fifth summit that SMU has participated as the primary coordinator of the event.

Three U.S. Supreme Court Justices: Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Justice Stephen Breyer, traveled to Luxembourg to meet with the 27 Justices and eight Advocate Generals of the European Court of Justice, perhaps two of the most powerful courts in the world. Nine of our SMU Dedman School of Law faculty organized two full days of discussion. Sixteen SMU Dedman School of Law students enjoyed two luncheons with the justices of both courts, and a reception at the U.S. Embassy, where they mingled with the three Supreme Court justices. The European Court of Justice also structured a two-day academic program on European law for Dedman Law students.

Some of the participants from the European Court of Justice included: President V. Skouris; President of Chamber K. Lenaerts; Judge C.W.A. Timmermans; Judge A. Rosas; Advocate-General J. Kokott; Judge L. Bay Larsen; Judge A. Arabadjiev; Judge E. Juh; Judge M. Ile; Judge A. Judge M. Safjan; Judge M. Berger; President of Chamber R. Silva de Lapuerta; Advocate-General J. Kokott; Judge G. Arestis; Judge A. Judge L. Bay Larsen; Advocate-General Y. Bot; Judge J. Kasel; , President of Chamber J.-C. Bonichot; First Advocate-General P. Mengozzi; Judge K. Schiemann; Judge K. Schiemann; Ambassador C. Stroum; President of the General Court M. Jaeger; President of the Civil Service Tribunal P. Mahoney.


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