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Professor Keith Robinson

"No 'Direction' Home: An Alternative Approach to Joint Infringement" to be published by The American University Law Review

Professor Keith Robinson’s article, “No ‘Direction’ Home: An Alternative Approach to Joint Infringement,” was accepted for publication by The American University Law Review.  

Professor Robinson joined the faculty of SMU Dedman School of Law in 2011 and teaches in the areas of technology law and intellectual property law, which he practiced during his eight years as a lawyer in the Washington, DC. 

“I love technology. I always have to have the latest gadgets,” he said, “technology and innovation in this country are as strong as ever… I’m looking at ways to modify and tweak the patent system to encourage innovation by small businesses.” 

Robinson has written or lectured on such topics as patent lawsuit avoidance, the patenting of business methods, joint infringement, and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s examination guidelines. In 2010, he also authored “Ramifications of Joint Infringement Theory on Emerging Technology Patents,” which appeared in the Texas Intellectual Property Journal, and was judged one of the best law review articles related to patent law published in 2010; it was reprinted in the 2011 edition of the Patent Law Review.