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Professor of Law and Former Dean

Email: crogers@mail.smu.edu

Phone: 214-768-2700


B.A., 1970, University of Texas
J.D., 1973, University of Texas
LL.M., 1977, Columbia University

Professor Rogers practiced law in Pennsylvania before accepting the Krulewitch Fellowship for graduate law study from Columbia Law School. He subsequently joined the faculty of Loyola University of Chicago before coming to SMU in 1980. Dean Rogers has published articles in the area of antitrust law, contracts, commercial law, regulated industries, and legal history, has co-authored an antitrust casebook entitled Antitrust Law: Policy & Practice, and has served as an antitrust consultant and spoken at continuing legal education programs. He has also taught courses in contracts, antitrust law, business torts, and sales of goods transactions, and served SMU School of Law as associate dean for academic affairs from 1982 to 1986, as acting dean during 1988 to 1989, and as dean from 1989 to 1997. Professor Rogers is SMU's University athletic representative, representing the University before the NCAA and the Western Athletic Conference.

Primary Articles

The Flawed Nexus Between Contract Law and the Rules of Procedure: Why Rules 8 and 9 Must Be Changed, 31 The Review of Litigation 234 (2012)(with Bill Dorsaneo);

Consumer Welfare and Group Boycott Law, 62 SMU Law Review 665-692 (2009);

The Antitrust Legacy of Justice William O. Douglas, 56 Cleveland State Law Review 895-1001 (2008);

The Quest for Number One in College Football: The Revised Bowl Championship Series, Antitrust, and the Winner Take All Syndrome, 18 Marquette Sports Law Review 285 (2008);

“Legal Baseball” in the Law School Curriculum – The Contracts Example; in Baseball in the Classroom 104 (Edward J. Rielly ed. 2006);

Napoleon Lajoie, Breach of Contract and the Great Baseball War, 55 SMU Law Review 325 (2002);

Cross-Border Mergers and Antitrust:  Jurisdiction, Enforcement and Cooperation Issues; in Cross Borders Mergers and Acquisitions and the Law 359 (Norbert Horn ed. 2001);
A Comment on the Extraterritorial Application of American Law in the 1990s; in Festschrift für Bernhard Grossfeld zum 65. Geburtstag 901 (Hübner & Ebke eds. 1999);
Restraints on Alienation in Antitrust Law:  A Past with No Future, 49 SMU Law Review 497 (1996);
Article Two Warranty Disputes in the Seventh Circuit:  Advantage Seller or Disadvantage Court?, 65 Chicago-Kent Law Review 849 (1991) (with Lee E. Michaels);
Scots Law in Post-Revolutionary and Nineteenth Century America:  The Neglected Jurisprudence, 8 Law and History Review 205 (1990);
Still Running Against the Wind:  A Comment on Antitrust Jurisdiction and Laker Airways Ltd. v. Sabena, Belgian World Airlines, 50 Journal of Air Law and Commerce 931 (1985);
The Limited Case for an Efficiency Defense in Horizontal Mergers, 58 Tulane Law Review 503 (1983);
A Shared Values Approach to Jurisdictional Conflicts in International Economic Law, 32 International and Comparative Law Quarterly 931 (1983) (with Bernhard Grossfeld);
Perspectives on Corporate Mergers and the Antitrust Laws, 12 Loyola of Chicago Law Journal 301 (1981);
Municipal Antitrust Liability in a Federalist System, 1980 Arizona State Law Journal 305;
Summary Judgments in Antitrust Conspiracy Litigation, 10 Loyola of Chicago Law Journal 667 (1979);
Antitrust:  Criminal Intent in Antitrust Prosecutions, Collateral Estoppel and Section 5(a) of the Clayton Act, and the Relationship of Standing and Injury in Private Antitrust Suits,
56 Chicago-Kent Law Review 45 (1979);
The State Action Antitrust Immunity, 49 University of Colorado Law Review 147 (1978);
Judicial Reinterpretation of Statutes:  The Example of Baseball and the Antitrust Laws, 14 Houston Law Review 611 (1977);
An Approach to the Teaching of Professional Responsibility to First Year Law Students, 4 Ohio Northern University Law Review 800 (1977);
Mergers in Regulated Industries:  The Role of the Regulatory Agency, 7 St. Mary's Law Journal 297 (1975).

Book Reviews

Legal Bases - Baseball and the Law, by Roger I. Abrams, 8 Nine: A Journal of Baseball History and Social Policy Perspectives 132 (1999);
Contract Law in the USSR and the United States:  History and General Concept, by E. Allan Farnsworth and Viktor P. Mozolin, 22 International Lawyer 870 (1988);
The Economics of Corporation Law and Securities Regulation, edited by Posner and Scott, 35 Vanderbilt Law Journal 265 (1982) (with Larry Ribstein), reprinted in 25 Corporate Practice Commentator 142 (1983);
The Economics of Contract Law, edited by Posner & Kronman, 93 Harvard Law Review 1039 (1980);
Decision to Prosecute:  Organization and Public Policy in the Antitrust Division by Suzanne Weaver, 32 Vanderbilt Law Review 1239 (1979);
Handbook of the Law of Antitrust by Lawrence Sullivan, 77 Columbia Law Review 1112 (1977), reprinted in 21 Corporate Practice Commentator 131 (1979).


ANTITRUST LAW: POLICY AND PRACTICE with Stephen Calkins, Mark Patterson & William R. Andersen), Lexis Publishing (4th edition 2008; 3rd edition 1999; 2nd edition 1992; 1st edition 1985) (with Teacher's Manual for each edition).

Law, Culture, and Economic Development – A Liber Amicorum for Professor Roberto MacLean (with Joseph J. Norton, eds.) 2007.


Jack Mylan – An Appreciation for a Job Well Done, 60 SMU Law Review 1409 (2007).

Preface: In Honor of Roberto MacLean – A Man of All Reason in Law, Culture, and Economic Development – a Liber Amicorum for Professor Roberto MacLean (Norton & Rogers, eds. 2007).


BOOK Review: LEGAL BASES - BASEBALL AND THE LAW, by Roger I. Abrams, 8 Nine: A Journal of Baseball History and Social Policy Perspectives 132 (1999).

A COMMENT ON THE EXTRATERRITORIAL APPLICATION OF AMERICAN LAW IN THE 1990'S; in Festschrift Für Bernhard Grossfeld, zum 65, Geburtstag 901, (Hübner & Ebke eds. 1999).