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2014 -2015

Faculty Activities

John B. Attanasio    
Judge William Hawley Atwell Chair of Constitutional Law,
Professor of Law, and Former Dean

Constitutional Law (LexisNexis, Fifth Edition 2008) (2013 & 2014 Annual Supplements)
(with Norman Redlich & Joel Goldstein)

Understanding Constitutional Law (LexisNexis, Fourth Edition, 2012) (2013 & 2014 Annual Supplements)
(with Joel Goldstein)

Cinco Temas del Derecho Estadounidense, BOLETIN ONBC, no. 50, 10-18 (October-December 2013)

Moderated panel, "Supreme Court:  Preview," 2014 Appellate Judges Education Institute Summit (Dallas, TX (November 15, 2014))

Panelist, Dallas Democratic Forum's Program, "When Fundamental Rights Conflict:  What's Next After Hobby Lobby?," Belo Mansion (Dallas, TX (August 1, 2014))

Lackland H. Bloom, Jr.
Professor of Law

Moderator, "Evaluating Aereo:  The Supreme Court and Thousands of Dime-sized Antennas," 11th Annual Symposium on Emerging I.P. Issues:  The Supreme Court and the I.P. Law, SMU Dedman School of Law (Dallas, TX (October 3, 2014))


Cheryl Nelson Butler  

Assistant Professor of Law
Kids For Sale: Does America Recognize Her Own Sexually Exploited Minors as Victims of Human
44 Seton Hall Law Review 833 (2014)

Blackness as Delinquency, 90 Washington University Law Review 1335 (2013) (Lead Article) (62 pgs) 

"Bridge Over Troubled Water:  Safe Harbor Legislation for Sexually Exploited Minors," Tulane Law School Symposium on the Future of Law and Inequality (New Orleans, LA (November 7, 2014))

Panelist, "Deprivation and 'Deviance:'  Disability and Criminality in Women's Prisons in North Carolina," North Carolina Law Review Symposium "Vulnerable Defendants in the Crimnal Justice System," University of North Carolina School of Law (Chapel Hill, NC (October 10, 2014))

"Prostitution and Human Trafficking:  A Criminal Race Feminist Critique," 2014 Yale Critical Race Theory Conference (New Haven, CT (April 5, 2014))

"Bridge Over Troubled Water:  Safe Harbor Legislation for Sexually Exploited Minors," University of Kentucky Developing Ideas Conference (Lexington, KY (May 21, 2014))

Other Accomplishments
Winner of the 2014 Dedman School of Law's Don Smart Directed Research Competition

Recipient of the Outstanding Faculty Leadership Award given by the Women in Law Association

Anthony J. Colangelo
Gerald J. Ford Research Fellow and Associate Professor of Law 
Jurisdiction, Immunity, Legality, and Jus Cogens, 49 Chicago Journal of International Law 53-91 (2013) (invited contribution)

Spatial Legality, Due Process, and Choice of Law under U.S. State Law, 3 UC Irvine Law Review 63-79 (2013)
(with Kristina Kiik) (invited symposium contribution)

The Alien Tort Statute and the Law of Nations in Kiobel and Beyond, 44 Georgetown Journal of International Law 1329-1346 (2013) (invited contribution)

Kiobel: Muddling the Distinction between and Prescriptive versus Adjudicative Jurisdiction, 27 Maryland Journal of International Law 65-75 (2013) (invited symposium contribution)

Book Chapters
The Legal Limits of Universal Jurisdiction, in Globalization and Common Responsibilities of States in International Law 205-255 (K. De Feyter, ed.) (Ashgate)

Panelist, "State Law Litigation of International Norms," American Society of International Law Conference (Washington, DC (April 7-12, 2014))

"Extraterritoriality of U.S. Laws and Regulations - The New Normal?," ABA CLE Showcase Program, Annual ABA Meeting (Boston, MA (August 9, 2014))

Other Accomplishments
Named the Gerald J. Ford Research Fellow for SMU in May 2014

Jennifer M. Collins
Judge James Noel Dean and Professor of Law

In the News
Interviewed for and quoted in article "Prosecutions of Parents Can Vary After Children Left in Sweltering Cars," New York Times (November 14, 2014)

Interviewed by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and quoted in an article entitled, "Is Toddler's Death a Case of Murder?," (June 29, 2014)

Nathan Cortez
Associate Dean for Research and Associate Professor of Law

Regulating Disruptive Innovation, 29 Berkeley Technology Law Journal 173 (2014)

The Mobile Health Revolution? 47 U.C. Davis Law Review 1173 (2014)

FDA Regulation of Mobile Health Technologies, 371 The New England Journal of Medicine 372 (Mary Beth Hamel, M.D., M.P.H., Editor) (2014) (coauthored)

"Gatekeeping Regulation for mHealth," panel on Mobile Health at The Petrie-Flom Center for Health Law Policy, Biotechnology, and Bioethics, Harvard Law School Conference on "Emerging Issues and New Frontiers for FDA Regulation" (Washington, DC (October 20, 2014))

Participant, Workshop on Health Law Discussion Group on "Public Health Law Theory and Practice," Annual SEALS Conference (Amelia Island, FL (August 1, 2014))

Other Accomplishments
Named to the Editorial Advisory Board of the Food & Drug Law Journal

Joined the Student Outreach Committee for the Hispanic Issues Section of the State Bar of Texas

Online Writing
Can Information Technology Save Health Care?, review on Jotwell.com (

Adverse Publicity by Administrative Agencies in the Internet Era, blog on Administrative Conference of the United States (ACUS) (Wed, January 15, 2014 - 01:29 pm EST)

In the News
Interviewed by KERA News, "Watch Out:  Fake Ebola Treatments Are Spreading," (Dallas, TX (October 20, 2014))

Panelist, on "Ebola and the Law," KERA radio's "Think" program (Dallas, TX (October 14, 2014))

Appeared on WFAA News and was quoted in a corresponding article titled, "Medicare Investigation of Parkland Gives Voice to the Voiceless," (Dallas, TX (September 5, 2014))

Interview by the Chronicle of Higher Education for a story regarding physicians at Northwestern University who may have performed unauthorized tests on patients using unapproved medical devices

Gregory S. Crespi

Professor of Law
Will the Income-Based Repayment Program Enable Law Schools to Continue to Provide “Harvard-Style” Legal Education? 67 SMU Law Review 51 (2014)

Correcting for the Wealth Bias of Cost-Benefit Analysis Through Use of ‘Percentage of Wealth’-Based Valuations, 46 Creighton Law Review 149 (2013)

David E. DePianto

Assistant Professor of Law
Sticky Compliance: An Endowment Account of Expressive Law, 2014 Utah Law Review
1241 (2014)

Tort Damages and the (Misunderstood) Money-Happiness Connection, 44 Arizona State Law Journal 1385 (2013)

William V. Dorsaneo III

Chief Justice John and Lena Hickman Distinguished Faculty Fellow and Professor of Law
Texas Civil Procedure:  Trial and Appellate Practice (LexisNexis, 2014-2015 Edition) (coauthored)
Texas Civil Procedure:  Pretrial Litigation (LexisNexis, 2014-2015 Edition) (coauthored) 

Moderated, "Pennoyer Strikes Back:  Personal Jurisdiction in the Global Age," 2014 Appellate Judges Education Institute Summit (Dallas, TX (November 16, 2014))

Eads, Linda S.
Associate Provost and Associate Professor of Law

Co-presenter, "The Lure of the Internet," 2014 Appellate Judges Education Institute Summit (Dallas, TX (November 13, 2014))

Julie P. Forrester
Professor of Law and former Dean ad interim

In the News
Interviewed for and quoted in an article entitled, "How Homebuyers Can Cope With a Money Pit," in U.S. News and World Report (August 13, 2014)

Jeffrey M. Gaba       

Professor of Law
Gaba’s Texas Environmental Law Statutes Annotated (West, 2014 Edition)
The Law of Solid Waste, Pollution Prevention and Recycling (West 1992) (2014 Update) (with Donald W. Stever)

Flowback: Federal Regulation of Wastewater from Hydraulic Fracturing, 39 Columbia Journal of Environmental Law 102 (forthcoming September, 2014)

Other Accomplishments
Recognized in "The Best Lawyers in America" for Environmental Law

Honored as the Dallas Environmental Law Lawyer of the Year for 2014

In the News
Interviewed for and quoted in article, "Opponents Plan to File Lawsuits if Texas City Passes Measure to Ban Fracking," on Bloomberg BNA (October 23, 2014)

Christopher H. Hanna
Altshuler Distinguished Teaching Professor and Professor of Law
Corporate Income Tax Accounting, 2014 edition (lead co-author) (Warren Gorham & Lamont)

Other Accomplishments
Appointed Fellow, George W. Bush Institute

M. Christopher Jenks

Director of the Criminal Justice Clinic and
Assistant Professor of Law

Strange Bedfellows: How Expanding the Public Safety Exception to Miranda Benefits Counterterrorism Suspects, 61 Fordham Urban Law Journal 1 (2014)

International Decisions: Prosecutor v. Perišić, 107 American Journal of International Law 622 (2013)

Law as Shield, Law as Sword: The ICC’s Lubanga Decision, Child Soldiers and the Perverse Mutualism of Participation in Hostilities, 3 University of Miami National Security National Security and Armed Conflict Review 106 (2013)

Moderator, "Trying Terror Suspects," 2014 Appellate Judges Education Institute Summit (Dallas, TX (November 15, 2014))

"Protection of the Environment:  An Operational Perspective,"  United Nations Seminar on Protection of the Environment During Armed Conflict, United Nations Headquarters (New York, NY (October 24, 2014))

"Asymetric or the New Normal?  Autonomous Weapon Systems & The Next Arms Race," Texas A&M Law Review Symposium Technology and Law:  Rethinking National Security (Fort Worth, TX (October 17, 2014))

Panelist, "Transparency and Targeting," U.S. Pacific Command Military Operations and Law Conference (Manila, Philippines (April 2014))

Discussant of Georgetown Professor David Luban's article, "Preventative War," at the "Terrorism and Just War Theory" workshop, John Carroll University (Cleveland, OH)

Panelist, discussion of the role of the NSA entitled, "Military and Legal Aspects of NSA Surveillance," Collin County Community College (Plano, TX)

Panelist, "HACKED! Ethical Issues for Lawyers in the Cyber World," General Counsel Forum's SMU Ethics Program/DFW Chapter, SMU Dedman School of Law (Dallas, TX (May 14, 2014))

In the News
Interviewed on ABC and Fox4 Good Day on Bergdahl release (Dallas, TX (June 6, 2014))

Column, "Bergdahl trade more about Guantanamo," USA Today (June 8, 2014, at 5:38 p.m. EDT)

Interviewed on NPR's Morning Edition about a coercion investigation (Austin, TX (June 9, 2014))

Interviewed on WFAA TV about recent trip to Guantanamo Bay (Dallas, TX (August 28, 2014))

Interviewed by National Correspondent, Wade Goodwyn (August 29, 2014)

Interviewed on KERA's NPR Weekend Edition (Dallas, TX (August 30, 2014)

Jeffrey Kahn   

Associate Professor of Law
Mrs. Shipley’s Ghost: The Right to Travel and Terrorist Watchlists (University of
Michigan Press 2013, paperback edition 2014)

Freedom of Expression in Post-Soviet Russia, 18 UCLA Journal of International Law &
Foreign Affairs
1-30 (2013)

Book Chapters
The Law is a Causeway: Metaphor & the Rule of Law in Russia, in The Legal Doctrines of the Rule of Law & the Legal State (Rechtsstaat) (Ius Gentium: Comparative Perspectives on Law & Justice, Vol. 38) 229-250 (Silkenat, Hickey, & Barenboim, eds., Springer, 2014)
How Federal Is The Russian Federation?, reprinted in Federalism & Legal Unification: A Comparative Empirical Investigation of Twenty Systems (Ius Gentium: Comparative Perspectives on Law & Justice, Vol. 28) 355-390 (Halberstam & Reimann, eds., 2014) (with Alexei Trochev & Nikolay Balayan)

"The Khodorkovsky Case, Collateral Attacks, and the Rule of Law," University of Helsinki (Helsinki, Finland (October 24, 2014))

Panel Chair, "Citizenship and the Right to Travel:  A Legal History of the Relationship from before the Passport to after the No Fly List," European Consortium for Political Research General Conference (Glasgow, Scotland (September 4, 2014))

"Mrs. Shipley's Ghost:  The Right to Travel during the Cold War and Today,"  European Consortium for Political Research General Conference (Glasgow, Scotland (September 4, 2014))

Discussion Meeting Presenter, "The Khodorkovsky Saga, Power Politics and Legal Reform in Russia," International Institute for Strategic Studies (London, UK (September 3, 2014))

John S. Lowe    
George W. Hutchison Professor of Energy Law
Oil and Gas Law in a Nutshell (West Publishing Company, 6th edition 2014) (1st through
5th editions published in 1983, 1988, 1995, 2003, 2008)

"Recurring Issues in Operating Agreements," 6th Annual Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Institute (Vail, CO (July 2014))

Other Accomplishments
Taught an Intensive Masters' Course in Global Oil and Gas Contracts, University of Sydney LLM program, (NSW, Australia (May 2014))

Taught a Masters/JD Course in International Petroleum Contracts at the University of Melbourne (Vic, Australia (May 2014))

Orly Mazur
Assistant Professor of Law

"Taxing the Cloud," Southeastern Association of Law Schools Annual Meeting (SEALS)
(Amelia Island, FL (August 2, 2014))

"Taxing the Cloud," Tax Panel, Dennis J. Block Center for the Study of International Business
Law:  2014 Scholar's Roundtable, Brooklyn Law School (Brooklyn, NY (October 10, 2014))

Joseph Norton
James L. Walsh Distinguished Faculty Fellow in Financial Institutions and
Professor of Law

Book Chapters
Architecture and Conceptual Issues- International Financial Standard-Setting Processes, Chapter 6 in International Law in Financial
Regulation and Monetary Affairs
(Oxford Univ.Press, Profs T. Cottier, J.H. Jackson and R. Lastra) (2013), pp. 114-132
Other Writing
“Forward” to China’s Banking Law and the National Treatment of Foreign-Funded Banks, by Wang Wei (Ashgate 2013)
“Forward” to Financial Crisis Containment and Government Guarantees (eds. Labrosse, Olivares-Carminal, and Singh, OECD 2012/Elgar 2013)

W. Keith Robinson
Assistant Professor of Law
A Case Study of Federal Circuit Policy Making, 66 SMU Law Review 579 (2013)
Moderator, "The Future of Patent Law:  Understanding the Challenges Ahead," 11th Annual Symposium on Emerging I.P. Issues: 
The Supreme Court and I.P. Law, SMU Dedman School of Law (Dallas, TX (October 3, 2014))

"The Aftermath of Akamai," 2014 Intellectual Property Scholars Conference, Benjamin N. Cardoza School of Law (New York, NY (August 8, 2014))

Speaker at Workshop on Intellectual Property Law "2020:  An IP Odyssey," Annual SEALS Conference (Amelia Island, FL (August 2, 2014))

"Economic Theory, Divided Infringement and Enforcing Interactive Patents," 5th Annual John Mercer Langston Writing Workshop, UNLV William S. Boyd School of Law (Las Vegas, NV (July 11, 2014))

C. Paul Rogers, III   
Professor of Law and Former Dean
A Concise History of Corporate Mergers and the Antitrust Laws in the United States,
24 National Law School of India Review 10-31 (2013)

Meghan J. Ryan
Associate Professor of Law
Finality and Rehabilitation, 3 Wake Forrest Journal of Law & Policy 121 (2014)
(invited symposium contribution)

Juries and the Criminal Constitution, 65 Alabama Law Review 849–902 (2014)
Finality and Rehabilitation, 3 Wake Forest Journal of Law and Policy 121–49 (2014) (invited symposium contribution)

Panelist, "Actually Innocent?  Exonerations on Appeal,"  2014 Appellate Judges Education Institute Summit (Dallas, TX (November 14, 2014))

Co-Chair, American Bar Association Criminal Justice Section Seventh Annual Fall Institute, and presented "Taking Another look at Second Look Sentencing," (Washington, DC (October 23, 2014))

Moderator, "Issues With Judges, Juries and Social Media," SMU Science and Technology Law Review Social Media Law Symposium, SMU Dedman School of Law (Dallas, TX (October 17, 2014))

Discussant, Workshop on Criminal Law Discussion Group:  "Mercy in the Administration of Criminal Justice," Annual SEALS Conference (Amelia Island, FL (August 4, 2014))

"Dignity," Annual Law & Religion Roundtable, Washington University School of Law (St. Louis, MO (June 26, 2014))

"Exploring the Modern Eighth Amendment," Law & Society Conference (Minneapolis, MN (May 29, 2014))

Other Accomplishments
The American Bar Association adopted a resolution based on her article, "Remedying Wrongful Execution"

Other Writing
Book Review, CRIMINAL LAW & CRIMINAL JUSTICE BOOKS (2013) (solicited book review of Michael L. Perlin, Mental Disability and the Death Penalty:  The Shame of the States (2013))

In the News
Interview, Drug Challenges Are Failing to Halt Executions, Time, (June 18, 2014)

Radio Interview, Why Are Execution Drugs So Controversial? SMU Law Professor Explains, KERA Radio (Dallas, TX (May 1, 2014))

Mary Spector

Director of Consumer Law Project, Co-Director of Civil Clinic, and
Associate Professor of Law

Where the FCRA meets the FDCPA:  The Impact of Un-Fair Collection Practices on the Credit Report, 20 Georgetown
Journal of Poverty Law & Policy
479 (2013)

Panelist, "Credit Reporting Issues Among LEP Latinos," FTC-CFPB Roundtable on Debt Collection and The Latino Community, California State University (Long Beach, CA (October 23, 2014))

Panelist, "Making the Most of Consumer Clinics," 2014 Teaching Consumer Law Conference (Santa Fe, NM (May 30, 2014))

Panelist, "Can Empirical Research in our Clinics Help us become a Better Clinician?," 2014 AALS Clinical Conference (Chicago, IL (April 30, 2014))

In the News
Interviewed by Yahoo! Finance and quoted in online article, "10 tips for dealing with debt collectors, collection" (April 2014)

Marc I. Steinberg 
Rupert and Lillian Radford Professor of Law
Securities Practice:  Federal And State Enforcement (West, Second Edition 2001) (2014 Annual Supplement) (with Ralph C. Ferrara)

Understanding Securities Law (LexisNexis, Sixth Edition 2014)
Global Issues in Securities Law (West 2013) (with Franklin A. Gevurtz and Eric Chaffee)

Pleading Securities Fraud Claims -- Only Part of the Story, 45 Loyola (Chicago) University Law Review 603 (2014)

Panelist, "Navigating Alternatives to Securitied Fraud Class Actions:  State Law and Opt-out Litigation," Annual Institute for Investor Protection Conference, "The New Landscape of Securities Fraud Class Actions," co-sponsored by Loyola University Chicago's Institute for Investor Protection and the Institute for Law and Economic Policy (Chicago, IL (October 24, 2014))

"Ethics and Professionalism for the M&A Lawyer," 10th Anniversary Mergers and Acquisitions Institute, Ritz-Carlton (Dallas, TX (October 16, 2014))

Other Accomplishments
Member of the Executive Committee of the AALS Section of Profesional Responsibility

Joshua C. Tate
Associate Professor of Law

"Magna Carta and the Origins of Due Process,"
   - Rosario University in Bogota, Columbia (February 2014)
   - San Andres University in Buenos Aires, Argentina (April 2014)
   - National Taiwan University (May 2014)
   - Seoul National University (May 2014)
   - Yonsei University and Soongsil University in Seoulm Korea (May 2014)
   - Wuhan University Law School in China (May 2014)
   - Xi'an Jiaotong University in China (May 2014)
   - University of Brasilia (August 2014)
   - Federal University of Parana in Curitiba, Brazil (August 2014)
   - State University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (August 2014)
   - The Forum on Law, Politics, and Society, at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul in Porto Alegre, Brazil (in Spanish) (August 2014)
   - Federal University of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Brazil (August 2014)
   - University of Antioquia and EAFIT University in Medellin, Colombia (in Spanish) (August 2014)
   - Escuela Libre de Derecho and Anahuac University in Mexico City (September 2014)

"Episcopal Power and Royal Jurisdiction in Angevin England," 2014 European Society for Comparative Legal History Conference (Masurata, Italt (July 2014))

"Migratory Clients and the Uniform Disposition of Community Property Rights at Death Act," ABA's Real Property, Trust and Estate Law Section Spring Symposia (Chicago, IL (May 2014))

"Episcopal Power and Royal Jurisdiction in Angevin England," Law Faculty Workshop in Torcuato Di Tella University (Buenos Aires (March 2014))

"Commercial Trusts in the United States:  Creating Confidence for Business Transactions," Peruvian University of Applied Sciences (Lima, Peru (March 2014))

"Perpetuities and the Genius of a Free State," Symposium on the Role of Federal Law in Private Wealth Transfer (Nashville, TN (February 2014))

Other Accomplishments
Member, Editorial Committee for the Journal of Legal History

Member, International Committee for the Southeastern Association of Law Schools

Other Writing
The Selden Society in Texas, El Paso Bar Journal 8 (June 2014)

David O. Taylor

Assistant Professor of Law
Formalism and Antiformalism in Patent Law Adjudication:  Rules and Standards, 46 Connecticut Law
415 (2013) (lead article)
Formalism and Antiformalism in Patent Law Adjudication:  Precedent and Policy, 66 SMU Law Review 633 (2013) (invited contribution)

Moderator, "Reforming Patent Doctrines:  The Supreme Court and Its Role in the Process," 11th Annual Symposium on Emerging I.P. Issues:  The Supreme Court and I.P. Law, SMU Dedman School of Law (Dallas, TX (October 3, 2014))

"Formalism & Antiformalisn in Patent Law Adjudication:  Precedent and Policy," 2014 Intellectual Property Scholars Conference, Benjamin N. Cardoza School of Law (New York, NY (August 8, 2014))

Panelist, "Patent Law Remedies," PatCon4:  The Annual Patent Conference, University of San Diego School of Law (San Diego, CA (April 5, 2014)

Elizabeth G. Thornburg 
Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Richard R. Lee Endowed Professor of Law
Texas Civil Procedure:  Trial and Appellate Practice (LexisNexis, 2014-2015 Edition) (coauthored)
Texas Civil Procedure:  Pretrial Litigation (LexisNexis, 2014-2015 Edition) (coauthored)

Co-presenter, "The Lure of the Internet," 2014 Appellate Judges Education Institute Summit (Dallas, TX (November 13, 2014))

Other Accomplishments
Co-authored article, "A Community of Procedure Scholars:  Teaching Procedure and the Legal Academy," was identified as one of the best works in recent scholarship relating to Courts Law, in a review published on "Jotwell:  The Journal of Things We like (Lots)."

Jenia Iontcheva Turner
Professor of Law 
The Constitutionality of Negotiated Criminal Judgments in Germany, 15 German Law Journal 81 (2014) (with Thomas Weigend) (peer review)
Policing International Prosecutors, 45 NYU Journal of International Law & Policy 175 (2013) (featured in Opinio Juris symposium)

Book Chapters
Article 65: Proceedings on an Admission of Guilt, in Klamberg Commentary on the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (2014)
Rule 139: Decision on Admission of Guilt, in Klamberg Commentary on the Rules of Procedure and Evidence of the International Criminal Court (2014)
Plea Bargaining, in International Criminal Procedure (Fausto Pocar & Linda Carter eds.) (Edward Elgar Pub. 2013)
Negotiated Justice, in International Criminal Procedure: Principles and Rules (Göran Sluiter et al. eds., Oxford UP 2013) (with Thomas Weigend)

Panelist, "Emerging Trends in International Criminal Justice," Branch of International Law Association's 2014 International Law Weekend on "International Law in a Time of Chaos," Fordham Law School (New York, NY (October 25, 2014))

Speaker, Workshop on Criminal Law and Procedure on panel, "Cross-Jurisdictional Application of Criminal Law Norms," Annual SEALS Conference (Amelia Island, FL (August 3, 2014))

"A Civil Procedure Model of Disclosure at the International Criminal Court?" Sixth Annual CrimPro Conference, Rutgers School of Law (Newark, NJ (July 21, 2014))

"Limits on the Search for Truth in Criminal Procedure," University of Cologne (Cologne, Germany (June 17, 2014))

Jessica Dixon Weaver       

Assistant Professor of Law
Overstepping Ethical Boundaries? Limitations on State Efforts to Provide Access to Justice in Family Courts, 82 Fordham Law Review 2705 (2014)
Grandma in the White House:  Legal Support for Intergenerational Caregiving, 43 Seton Hall Law Review 1 (2013) (lead article, cited in D. Kelly Weisberg & Susan F. Appleton, Modern Family Law:  Cases and Materials 360 (5th ed., 2013) and excerpted in Nina A. Kohn, Elder Law:  Cases, Problems & Exercises 595-96, 597 (2013))

"Slavery and the Origins of Family Law, Emerging Family Law Scholars Conference, University of Minnesota (Minneapolis, MN (May 2014))

"Slavery and the Origins of Family Law, Mid-Atlantic People of Color Legal Conference, University of Baltimore School of Law (Baltimore, MD (February 2014))

In the News
Studio interview on U.S .Supreme Court's refusal to hear gay marriage cases, Fox4 News (Dallas, TX (October 7, 2014))

Peter Winship
James Cleo Thompson, Sr., Trustee Professor of Law

Panelist, "Private International Law in a Post-Recession World:  The Theberge Prize Award Winners Panel," ABA Section of International Law Fall 2014 Meeting (Buenos Aires, Argentina (October 24, 2014))

“The Hague Principles, the CISG, and the “Battle of Forms,” 17th Biennial Meeting of the International Academy of Commercial and Consumer Law, Istanbul Bilgi University (Istanbul (July 16-19, 2014))

“Current Issues in Secured Transactions law in the United States,” University of Durham England, Companion Conference sponsored jointly by the Reform Project and the Durham University Law School. (Durham, England (June 20, 2014))

“Current Issues in Secured Transactions law in the United States,” Conference:  “Secured Transaction Reform in Other Jurisdictions” sponsored by the [U.K.] Secured Transactions Law Reform Project (London, UK (June 18, 2014))

"Texas participation in the Uniform Law Movement, 1907-1932," symposium honoring SMU Law Professor Joseph W. McKnight, SMU Dedman School of Law (Dallas, TX (May 15, 2014))

"The Concepts of 'Unconscionability' and 'Good Faith' as Commercial Law Regulators of Conduct," SMU Ethics Coloquy (Dallas, TX (March 2014))

Other Accomplishments
Reappointed to the Advisory Committee, U.S. Secretary of State’s Advisory Committee on Private International Law (July 2014)
Reappointed, Correspondent (advisor) of the International Institute for the Unification of Private International Law (UNIDROIT) (July 2014)

Member, Academic Council of the Institute for Transnational Arbitration for the Center for International and American Law (May 28, 2014)

Appointed, Fellow of Dedman College of Interdisciplinary Institute for the 2014-2015 Academic year (April 2014)

Co-Liaison, ABA's Section of International Law's Uniform Law Commission and the Joint Editorial Board for International Law

Member, Leonard J. Theberge Award for Private International law Committee