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Students had access to many law school and the University Resources to assist them during there time at the law school. These resources include access to child care, counseling and mental health and health and wellness programs. The Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports provides a premier fitness facility for use by students.

Students are assigned individual identification numbers for my.SMU allowing them to register for classes, check assignments, review their transcripts and check their student email accounts, which is the normal means of communication between the law school and the students. Students are expected to frequently check and maintain their student email accounts

The law school is fortunate to have its own garage for parking located upon Daniel Street across from the law school. Law students are not separately assessed for parking fees but do have to obtain parking stickers which allow them to park in the law school garage and at other locations at the law school as permitted by their permit.

Students at the law school can take advantage of the convenience of our own dining facility, Lawyers Inn, which is located in the Carr Collins building on the east end of the law school quadrangle.

Students with questions about financial aid should consult the on line materials which are available and answer most questions about student loans and financial aid and provide step by step instructions and forms. Students who cannot resolve their financial aid issues and need additional assistance should contact Stan Eddy, the Associate Director of Graduate/Professional Programs at seddy@smu.edu.

Students with specific questions about student services should contact the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs.