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SMU Dedman School of Law graduates build careers in every sector of the legal profession—private practice, business, government, judiciary, public service and academia—as well as in non-legal professions where a law degree is substantially valued. The Office of Career Services strives to collect, analyze and report complete and accurate employment and salary information of our graduates. We are proud to present the following employment information for the Classes of 2013, 2012 and 2011 as a testament to our steadfast commitment to not only turning out talented young attorneys, but also to successfully placing that talent within the market. For additional information regarding employment and salary data of SMU Dedman Law graduates in various employment sectors for the Classes of 2013, 2012 and 2011 see here

The Office of Career Services provides students and recent graduates with one-on-one guidance from attorney-counselors, whose professional experience ranges from working with prominent international and regional law firms to serving a corporation as general counsel. These dedicated attorney-counselors bring numerous law firm, corporate, government and public interest employers to recruit our law students throughout the year, and they facilitate employment in even the most challenging economic times by operating innovative programs such as Partner to Practice , a summer clerkship initiative for second year law students, and Test Drive, an incentive hiring program for third year students and recent graduates.

Employment statistics for the graduating class of 2013 were reported to the American Bar Association on March 17, 2014.  We are excited about the success of our graduates.  With 100% of the class of 2013 reporting, 91% were employed as of February 15, 2014. 
Of the 91% employed:
     · 84% are in Bar admission required jobs
     · 12% are in a business where a J.D. is an advantage
     · 4% are in other professional positions
Of the 91% employed:
     · 95% are employed in full-time positions
     · 64% are in law firms
     · 26% are in business or industry
     · 8% are in government, including judicial clerkships
     · 2% other (e.g. public interest, military, etc.)
Of the 64% employed in law firms:
     · 39% are employed in large law firms (101+ attorneys)
     · 22% are employed in mid-sized firms (11-100 attorneys)
     · 38% are in small firms (2-10 attorneys)
     · 2% have started solo practices
Become educated and fully-informed about your employment prospects.  Please view the more detailed employment statistics:

See NALP reports for the Class of 2012 and Class of 2013.


Office Hours:

Monday through Thursday
8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
8:30 to 5:00 p.m.
Counseling sessions are by appointment.


(214) 768-2797


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Physical Address:

3300 University Boulevard, Suite 300
Dallas, TX 75205

Mailing Address:

SMU Dedman School of Law
Office of Career Services
P.O. Box 750112
Dallas, TX 75275-0112


Karen C. Sargent Esq., Assistant Dean

Executive Director of Career Services
kcsargent@smu.edu, Ph: (214) 768-3893

Steve Yeager Esq., Director

Small Firm and Corporate Development
syeager@smu.edu, Ph: (214) 768-2850

Linda A. Hale Esq., Director

Government Development and Liaison to the Judiciary
lahale@smu.edu, Ph: (214) 768-2622

Beth D. Lee, Associate Director

Evening Program
beth@smu.edu, Ph: (214) 768-4065


Recruiting and Events
mnielsen@smu.edu, Ph: (214) 768-4049


cbenaglio@smu.edu, Ph: (214) 768-1469

Claudia Beltran, Admin. Assistant

cbeltran@smu.edu, Ph: (214) 768-2797