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Martindale-Hubbell Directory
This is a national directory of law firms listed by state, city and alphabetically by firm. It includes information about areas, practice, and biographies of each attorney listed.

NALP National Directory of Legal Employers
The National Association for Law Placement provides information on more than 1500 employers nationwide (by state and city).

American Lawyer Media Research: http://www.law.com/career_center/lists_rankings.shtml
  • American Lawyer 100: This website contains information such as gross revenues, profits, pro-bono, grades, and more for America’s highest-grossing firms. To obtain the numbers reported, the American Lawyer calls thousands of partners in an effort to get multiple sources on the data.
  • American Lawyer Corporate Scorecard
    This publication ranks major law firms according to the number of specialized transactions they have closed. Sections include Mergers & Acquisitions, Equities by U.S. Corporations, U.S. Equities by Foreign Corporations, IPOs, Investment Grade Debt, High Yield Debt, Asset-Backed Securities, Mortgage-Backed Securities, Project Finance, Municipal Bonds, REITs and Mutual Funds.
  • Mid-Level Associate Survey
    This includes information taken from questionnaires given to third- and fourth-year associates.
  • Summer Associate Survey
    Ranks firms’ summer associate programs in a variety of areas including training, client contact and feedback. Write-ups of each firm are provided as well. Large firms in all major cities around the country are included.
Texas Lawyer
Launched by the Texas Lawyer, this Web site, which is updated daily, contains valuable news, information, and career advice.

This web site allows users to track breaking developments in the law, research issues and cases, attend online continuing legal education seminars, and explore nationwide job openings in the legal industry. On a daily basis, their editorial staff sifts through hundreds of articles in dozens of publications to find the most important and relevant legal information.

Click on Law Firms to access information about Law firms in the U.S. and abroad. Searchable by location and practice area.

LinkedIn Company Pages: http://www.linkedin.com/companies
Company pages are a great way to research law firms, companies and other employers you are interested in, follow them to stay updated and learn more about the people who work there.

Employer Websites
Employer websites are great places to learn basic information about employers, such as an employer’s location, practice areas, number of attorneys, demographics, and current events involving the employer.  Some websites also contain information about an employer’s summer clerkship program and what you can expect if you are a summer associate with a particular employer.

Chambers Associate
Chambers Associate offers in-depth profiles of the top 100 law firms in the U.S., based upon the rankings and research of Chambers USA and telephone interviews with hundreds of associates at participating firms.

Westlaw contains a Career Resources page with information about the largest US law firms to information about alternative legal careers.  The West Legal Directory (WLD) contains more than 1 million profiles of law firms and branch offices and biographical records of attorneys and judges in the 50 state, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Canada and Europe.

Summer Clerkship Evaluation Binders (available at the OCS front desk)
All students are required to provide us with an evaluation of their summer experiences.  These evaluations are then organized in our Summer Clerkship Evaluation Binder so that students who are interested can learn about these students’ experiences working for various employers.  The Binder is available at the OCS front desk.


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